Our side loading mechanism on the DR-12, as well as the support truck equipped with a crane for our DR-24 offers great versatility on site ser-ups.  We can work with support truck and drilling rig back to back, or side to side.

The dual rotary technique is presently being used successfully where unconsolidated formations (sand, gravel, and boulders) make it difficult to drill a cased hole using conventional drilling techniques. During the fast few years, Barber Industries has introduced new design features into its DR rig (Dual Rotary rig) and perfected the dual rotary concept for use in the water well and construction industries worldwide. DR rigs are presently operating very successfully in Africa, Australia, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Korea, Taiwan, South America and U.S.A.

The DR rig utilizes a lower rotary drive unit to advance casing through unconsolidated overburden. Rotational forces are effectively transmitted to the casing through power operated jaws. A patented carbide studded shoe, welded to the bottom casing joint enables the casing to cut its way through the overburden. Casing can be simply rotated and pulled back out of the hole to set screens, full-length plastic liners or salvage casing from abandonments. A top drive rotary head simultaneously handles a drill string equipped with a down-the-hole hammer, drag bit or rolling cone rock bit to drill inside or ahead through the casing. The lower rotary drive unit operates totally independently from the top drive rotary head. When the casing is advanced ahead of the bit or air hammer, cross contamination is minimized and borehole stability problems associated with artesian conditions are eliminated. Using this drilling technique the DR rig has successfully operated in locations where casing hammers and reamers have been. unsuccessful.

The versatility of this unique drilling rig makes it one of the most efficient and cost effective methods for drilling holes in difficult formations.

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